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I'm Neal. Like a lot of you out there I'm a creative person who has spent most of his adult life working "day jobs" -- some of which I've enjoyed, some of which I pretty much hated. I've been a fan of the indie scene since first seeing Richard Linklater's film Slacker and being blown away by what a bunch of talented "amateurs" could do outside of the entertainment industry. Things keep changing. But I still find that sort of thing cool.

I'm a fan of indie. I create indie. (Sometimes I even create indie about indie) So when people ask me what is about, the answer is basically right there. It's indie things I've created. It's indie things that I'm a fan of. So, a little of this, a little of that.

Oh yeah, plus that whole fixation with 80s music.... don't ask.

A few of my projects...

Here's a sampling of some of the projects I've created over the years. I would love it if you'd check them out!


The 33rd Year

A Novel

"This is a book about the search for... something." I'm very proud of this book. A lot of novels these days are written like movies, where it is all action and dialogue. I wanted something the opposite of that. Something that happens mainly inside the character's head, and the reader is privy to his flowing thought process as he tries to work out this concept of "enlightenment."

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The Next Seattle

A Novella

The tale of the beginnings of a music scene. Similar in theme and tone to nohollywood, the novel, so I think that if you're enjoying that one, you would like this one. I actually wrote this tale an embarassingly long time ago. I "found" it on an old hard drive, read it again and realized that I really liked it. So, here it is.

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Tethered to Nothing

Short story collection. Many were written a while ago, so I find it interesting to read them now.


These are the Days that Matter

Guitar rock with veiled political lyrics -- it's where I started my musical journey years ago, so it was very satisfying to return to that ground with the "band" Travertine Saints. I had almost forgotten how much fun a guitar jam could be.

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Nine & Two-Thirds

This was my first project after a serious hand injury left me with nine and two-thirds fingers. Both musically and lyrically I feel that this EP is the most representative of me. I doubt that I'll ever get this close to the heart of it again.


The title of this one informed every single song on it. I wanted to go for the very naked feel of an acoustic album, without necessarily being completely acoustic. My first "solo" album post-Casual Rebels.

By the way...

If you've ever run a website, you know it takes a lot to keep it going. If you don't mind, let me tell you how I do it with Besides the obvious (as I'm sure you've guessed, I'm hoping you'll buy the things that I create) another way is with...

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If you don't know, affiliate links are links on this site (like all of the iTunes links) that take you to some Big Gigantic Company's site where you can buy something you might like; and if you do click then buy something -- anything at all -- within the next day, then at no additional cost to you, the Big Gigantic Company pays nonhollywood a small commision. Pretty neat, huh?

Here are some of the Big Gigantic Companies whose affiliate links are featured on this site. Feel free to click on them. And if you do: Thanks!

iTunes -- Okay, so everybody knows who iTunes is. They have pretty much every song in the world, plus books, movies, apps, etc. Their affiliate program only pays a few cents per purchase, so it's not a big money-maker, but what's neat is that they let sites like mine easily use all of their artwork and song previews for free. Then if you click on one of the iTunes links on nonhollywood, or use this-here search box, and then get anything from them -- buy music, sign up for Apple Music, get apps, download e-books, rent movies, anything -- within a day of clicking here, then you're helping out nonhollywood (Thanks!).

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GoDaddy -- If you're a creative person, you neeeeeeed a domain name and hosting. I've used smaller hosting companies before and had problems, but for years I've been using GoDaddy exclusively and I love 'em (except, of course, for their cheesey commercials). There's a reason that GoDaddy is by far the biggest in their industry: they take care of things. If you're new to this sort of thing, know that they've got a killer quickstart deal, and if you sign up by clicking on this little graphic here, then at no additional cost to you, nonhollywood gets a commission (Thanks!).


And hey, if you like that T-shirt... you know, the one that features the mantra of one of the main characters in the novel.... you know, the one that says "I deserve to be famous, dammit."... yeah that one... well it just so happens that you can buy it at cafepress.



Thanks for visiting nonhollywood. I'm Neal and this is my site. Sign up for my email list, and I'll keep you updated on all of the cool indie things I find!

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