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The 50 Best Covers of The Cure Songs(page 3)

Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes

Just Like Heaven by Pentatonik

Pentatonik pulls off a very interesting one here. The first word that comes to mind in reference to this arrangement is "experimental." Sometimes that's not a good word, but this time it definitely is. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

Piano Tribute Players

Friday I'm in Love by Piano Tribute Players

Let's say you're a little edgy and you'd like to use a Cure song as the Recessional song at your wedding, but you don't want to shock your grandparents. This piano version of Friday I'm in Love will definitely do the trick. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

Ash Koley

Just Like Heaven by Ash Koley

A pretty straightforward danceable-with-the-beat-on-2-and-4 version here. And though I would usually use that kind of phrase in a bad way, I actually like it with this version.

Modern Meditations

Just Like Heaven by Modern Meditations

I've not tried meditating to this one (not that I do a whole lot of meditating anyway) but I really like the concept of this group whose tagline is "rock goes zen." Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

The Amalgamates

Just Like Heaven by The Amalgamates

What list of covers would be complete without an a cappella version of one of your favorite tunes? Not a good list, I'll tell you that. And I really like this one, because the arrangement of the different voices is actually quite elaborate, as compared to the simple harmonizing of most a cappella groups. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

Norman Palm

Boys Don't Cry by Norman Palm

A simple broken-chord acoustic guitar part and doubled and delayed lead vocals make this one seem like something from a faraway time.

Jed's Dead

Just Like Heaven by Jed's Dead

I make no secret of the fact that I'm not into country music, but just by virtue of "a different take" on a song, I kinda dig this version of a British song with a Southern twang. Can you picture Robert Smith in a cowboy hat? I'm not sure I can, so we've got this instead. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

Safety Orange

Just Like Heaven by Safety Orange

For those who like a little Reggae in their Cure, this is definitely it.

Completely 100% Indie

If you're on this site, you're obviously a fan of indie. Why not check out the novel written by a fellow indie fan?

Author Neal A. Yeager has been indie for a long time. "There's that old saying 'write what you know,' and I've been bouncing around the indie scene for quite a few years now. In fact I have the domain," he says, "So I thought it would be fun to write a novel about the sorts of characters who inhabit the indie world. The four main characters are: an actor, an actress, an indie filmmaker and a musician all 'aspiring' in Los Angeles. Needless to say, I'm very empathetic."

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Kat Edmonson

Just Like Heaven by Kat Edmonson

It amazes me how many lounge-jazzy covers there are out there of rock/pop songs. This one, I think, works pretty darned well. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)


Let's Go To Bed by Ivy

I find this cover pretty interesting. A kind of haunting acoustic guitar part atop a straight-ahead drum loop, topped off with great female vocals gives this one a very unique feel. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)


Friday I'm in Love by Fevertree

Sometimes you just need a little garage rock, you know? And that's what you get with this cover by Fevertree. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

The Watson Twins

Just Like Heaven by The Watson Twins

Beautiful little version of this one here. Really nice harmony vocals.

The Submarines

Boys Don't Cry by The Submarines

I've always thought that Boys Don't Cry should be covered by girls (my vote was always for Suzanne Vega, but I digress) and this version by The Submarines works really well for me. Not only are there great female vocals on this one, but the sparse-but-hugely-echoey rhythm tracks are a fantastic touch. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

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Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn

In Between Days by Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn

Really interesting string arrangement on this one (and I love interesting string arrangements). I particularly enjoy the little pizzicato part rolling along in the background. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

Danny Dean and the Homewreckers

The Love Cats by Danny Dean and the Homewreckers

So here's a rockabilly version of Lovecats. And here's the thing... the way that it's done it almost convinced me that the original actually was rockabilly, but I just never noticed. Way cool.

Agustin Amigo

Boys Don't Cry by Agustin Amigo

Fantastic Spanish guitar cover of this one. No vocals but the stylings of Agustin keep you very much engaged. Maybe if I had actually practiced I could play guitar that well... or maybe not. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

Helene Greenwood

In Between Days by Helene Greenwood

Slowed down and sparsified version of In Between Days, Helene makes you really feel the power of the line "yesterday I got so old I felt like I could die."


Just Like Heaven by Hilde

Fantastic piano-based version here. And what is it with me and weird accents? I don't know, but this weird accent surely does work well. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

The Ellis Collective

Let's Go To Bed by The Ellis Collective

This is a very interesting arrangement, tribal drums, trilling strings and an extremely emotional vocal delivery make this a good one from the Ellis Collective. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)


Close to Me by Gennaro Cosmo Parlato

Okay, so I wasn't quite sure where to put this one, but I find it... compelling. A string quartet and operatic vocal rendition of Close to Me. Something tells me that if Robert Smith knows of this one, he digs it. Buy it on iTunes (or hear longer preview)

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