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nonhollywood's famous indie lists!

Everyone likes a good list, right! Especially when it is one that you can completely identify with. Here at nonhollywood, our focus is indie artists, so you can bet we've got some lists going there. Following are a highlighted few that we've compiled.

Best Indie Music

There's a whole lot of indie music out there in the world. And we mean a whole lot! So we here at non-Hollywood have taken the time to sort through it and we've come up with a list of what we would consider to be the best. Enjoy!

Women of Indie

There has been a welcome explosion of women in music in the last decade. And a lot of those women are going at it indie. Here are the ones that we feel are the best!

Best Cover Songs

One of the great things about the internet is that it lets people show off their talent to the world. And one of the ways in which that has really worked for musicians is in the world of cover songs. The audience for cover songs has simply exploded with the advent of Youtube and other internet outlets. So much so that a talented person can make a simple video in their bedroom and end up as an international star.

At nonhollywood, we've kind of developed an obsession for all of this. It can be fun to seek out independent musicians and see what their takes are on some of the most famous songs in the world. For us, the most interesting covers are those done by folks who are singer/songwriters themselves, who take a well-known tune and adapt it and arrange it as if it had been one of their own tunes. We have several pages (and many more in the works) of reviews of covers sorted by the original artist. Enjoy!

Best Cure Covers

The inspiration for a generation of displaced kids to start dressing in black and wearing heavy eyeliner. Check out what we feel are the best The Cure covers >>HERE<

Best REM Covers

One of the first to tread the road of the indie rock life was REM. Check out what we feel are the best REM covers >>HERE<

Best U2 Covers

In the 80s especially, U2 provided the blueprint for passionate and political songwriting. Check out what we feel are the best U2 covers >>HERE<

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tunes

This TV show was a groundbreaker in many ways, including the use of indie bands--lots of them--in the soundtrack. Each week there were at least a few. And though that practice of using indie musicians in soundtracks has become fairly standard in TV, here's a look at where the trend started.