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59 actors narrate the 59 Chapters of non-Hollywood, the novel. And you can listen to the full audiobook right here on this site!

non-Hollywood, a novel by Neal A. Yeager

The Best 80s Music

Certainly there are those who might consider it a dubious honor, but we're proud to say that we feel that we are experts on 80s music. The reason that we're proud is that a lot of the crappy stuff that you find on other 80s lists will not be found here (we're not the "totally awesome" kids from the 80s, we're the... oh, I don't know... brooding indie-music audiophile kids from the 80s). Check out the list and see if you agree with our choices!

The Best Shakespeare Monologues

With the advent of the internet there's a whole world of new content available to folks -- including new content based on the classics of Shakespeare.