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If you've been coming here for a while you may notice a few different things going on. That's because for a little while we are featuring a free audiobook version of the novel non-Hollywood, read by the author Neal A. Yeager, so we've adjusted things accordingly.

And this free audiobook is no normal audiobook. For this version, Neal narrates on-camera, with each of the 59 short chapters featured as a different video segment.

By the way, this is one of the few audiobooks on youtube, so if you would like to check it out there, simply take off from one of the chapters and head to youtube for your free audiobook.

And just so you know, all of the old content for this site is still here. Just click on the Old Site link at the top of the page for some of our previous content like our super-popular Women of Indie Music list or the one where we look at some of the best covers of songs by The Cure. It's all still here (though, to be honest, it should probably be updated).

At any rate, thanks again for stopping by. Browse the chapter list below to find something that might interest you. Or just jump in with chapter 1 and start reading!

All chapters of the novel non-Hollywood

Chapter 1: Life of an Actor

Chapter 2: Actress Career Contemplation

Chapter 3: Shadows in Short Film

Chapter 4: I Deserve to be Famous, Dammit

Chapter 5: Going Hollywood

Chapter 6: Actress, Agent, A Nice Meal and Some Other Stuff

Chapter 7: Zuma Beach

Chapter 8: Acting Classes, Oh Acting Classes

Chapter 9: How to Become a Rockstar

Chapter 10: Hollywood Education

Chapter 11: Look Like Your Headshot

Chapter 12: Networking, Part 1

Chapter 13: Stars on Hollywood Blvd.

Chapter 14: Professional Headshots

Chapter 15: Actress = Waitress

Chapter 16: No More Record Stores

Chapter 17: Cattle Call Audition

Chapter 18: Power Lunch is Better Drunk

Chapter 19: Jamming in F# Minor

Chapter 20: Is Dennys Hiring Actors?

Chapter 21: Late at the Pier

Chapter 22: Networking, Part 2

Chapter 23: Gangster Movie Pretty Criminals

Chapter 24: Dramatic Female Monologue

Chapter 25: Student Film

Chapter 26: Giving Up on Your Dreams

Chapter 27: Baby

Chapter 28: Not Really an Actor

Chapter 29: The $10,000 Movie Prop

Chapter 30: After-Hours Club: A Van

Chapter 31: Inappropriate Mustache Club

Chapter 32: The First Real Acting Job

Chapter 33: Epic Fail Film Set

Chapter 34: Four Track Analog Recording

Chapter 35: Terminated and the Terminator

Chapter 36: Indie Film or Film School?

Chapter 37: Straight to Video

Chapter 38: Social Commentary in Documentary Film

Chapter 39: Day Jobs for Creative Types

Chapter 40: The 40ish Male Model

Chapter 41: Unlikely Celebrity Stalkers

Chapter 42: Dreaded High School Reunion

Chapter 43: Call My Agent

Chapter 44: Smoke 'Em if You've Got 'Em

Chapter 45: Happy Friggin' Birthday

Chapter 46: Exam

Chapter 47: Screenplay Too Smart

Chapter 48: Danny Trejo Fan Club

Chapter 49: Street Shakespeare

Chapter 50: Valley Lights

Chapter 51: Filming the Desert Scene

Chapter 52: Actor's Abs to Flab

Chapter 53: Career Success… of Others

Chapter 54: Associate Producer Credit

Chapter 55: Empty Space

Chapter 56: Beautiful and Young

Chapter 57: The Acting Coach Gives Up

Chapter 58: 40-Something Vampire

Chapter 59: That's a Wrap!