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Political Music Club - Out Now in Print, E-Book AND Audio

About Political Music Club...

Kim, an intelligent and introspective young woman, feels increasingly alone and frustrated in her small, conservative Midwestern hometown. So she makes the move to a place she hopes will be a more liberating locale... a college town. There she hopes to find kindred souls: like-minded thinkers and fellow musicians who might join her in writing socially conscious songs for our divisive times.

And find a few she does, though not exactly the folks that she had expected…

First there's Jenny, a brash, outspoken young punk guitarist with a fondness for confrontation and the F word, who has great beginnings to several potentially great songs (she just has trouble finishing them). Then there's Nathaniel, a waiter at a vegetarian restaurant and a writer of beautiful poetry who has never actually written a song before. And a few others join in along the way.

Using a unique blend of song lyrics, political debate and humor, the novel Political Music Club tells the story of 3 individual voices trying to make a change in a very big world.

Politcal Music Club is available in all of the usual locations, including: